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NAVA Gamer's Gathering, December 29th: "The Re-Gifting Season"

Our December NAVA’s theme was “The Re-Gifting Season.” Traditionally, attendees exchanged gifts during our annual gift grab. For the arcade challenge we played Burgertime by Data East. Chris A. won the arcade challenge with 55,550 points, earning a $20 gift certificate!

NAVA Gamer's Gathering, October 27th: "Cosplay October"

In last month's NAVA the theme was "Cosplay October" and attendees arrived in costumes. We successfully stacked 28 Sonic & Knuckles cartridges one on top of the other and actually got the game to work during the special event "Sonic & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles..."! Ben's Castlevania Original Character was the Best Costume, Krypto the Super Dog was the Funnies Costume, and David's Nintendo Laboette was Most Creative.   


NAVA Gamer's Gathering, Sept 29th: "We Don't Need No Education"

September is BACK TO SCHOOL month and NAVA’s theme was “We Don’t Need No Education.” Attendees played Rockstar's "Bully", American Technos' "River City Ransom" and even the Sega Pico system. The arcade challenge was Konami's 1984 game "Mikie" and the tournament was 1998 PlayStation game “Rival Schools.” Aristotle won both the arcade challenge and tournament. 



NAVA Gamer's Gathering, August 25th: "Genesis DOES"

On this NAVA we celebrated the Sega Genesis anniversary. Attendees played Streets of Rage 2, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Gunstar Heroes, Comix Zone, Contra Hard Corps, Ghouls 'n Ghosts and many more. Stephanie M won the Road Rash II Tournament in glorious split screen "mano a mano" mode! Chris A won the "SegaSonic The Hedgehog" Arcade Challenge.

NAVA Gamer's Gathering, July 28th: "Vectors Revisited"

In this month's NAVA the theme was Vectors Revisited. Attendees played the six Vectrex systems that were set up at the store. The Tournament was 1980’s Armor Attack and the Arcade Challenge was 1980’s Star Castle. Nick S. Jr won the Arcade Challenge, taking home a $20 gift certificate.