Podcast S02E07: Kickstarters, Deaths, Show and Tell

October 8, 2013
The latest topics, including the recent boon and busts of videogaming Kickstarter projects, the death of prominent figures, and Greg's latest items to show and tell.

Podcast S02E06: Ouya, Forgotten Franchises, Latest Finds

August 29, 2013
We got an Ouya; We wax poetic about some popular games that we'd like to see come back; Greg gets a Sylvania Intellivision; Joe gets an Ice Cold Beer.

Podcast S02E05: Great Finds / Dragon's Lair / Seriously!?

July 23, 2013
Each of the gang does a show 'n tell for one "great find" from their collection. Former Atari, Sente, EA, Sega guy Roger Hector is interviewed regarding his IOS-and-card game "Seriously!?". Martin Touhey is interviewed regarding his upcoming documentary "Inside The Dragon's Lair".

Podcast S02E04: E3 Wrap-up

June 24, 2013
The gang reconvenes after E3 2013 to discuss show highlights and anticipated games on the horizon. Which systems will succeed or fail? Speculation continues. Also an exclulsive interview with John Hardie and Sean Kelly of The Videogame History Museum live at their E3 exhibit.

Podcast S02E03

June 2, 2013
It's all about SEGA. And believe it or not, XBox ONE. We're rather drawn into Microsoft's latest announcements as we celebrate the history of one of favorite developers (Sega!). Discussion about the early days of Sega, interviews with NAVA attendees about their whereabouts on 9/9/99, and a guest appearance by Game Refuge co-founder Brian Colin are all packed into this segment.

Podcast S02E02

May 14, 2013
The gang discusses the new plan for Friday Night Fight Night (tournaments), a look at vector games and the GCE Vectrex in particular, and interviews from the latest NAVA videogame collector event.

Podcast S02E01

April 18, 2013
We're back! The gang starts a new season of chatter. In this episode, discussion of PAX East 2013, an interview with one of the developers of a new videogame trivia app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/videogame-toribia/id615865575?mt=8), and conversation on Bioshock Infinite.

Episode 10

April 11, 2013
In this episode we find Frankie and Michael talking PS4 and other game related discussion along with friends Greg and Rob from www.paunchstevenson.com

Episode 9

December 13, 2012
Join us as we get back into the swing of things and discuss all things video game related.

Episode 8

June 29, 2012
In this episode we examine videogame "rivalries": NES Vs. Genesis, Sony Vs. Microsoft, Mario Vs. Sonic, Marvel Vs. Street Fighter, The People Vs. Larry Flynt ... you get the picture.

Episode 7

May 23, 2012
Episode 7 "From the Future!". We discuss PAX EAST highlights, Digital Press' presence and involvement in PAX EAST, rumors about the next generation of console gaming, and a VERY SPECIAL interview with Mr. Robert Jaeger, programmer/designer of the original Montezuma's Revenge for Atari 8-Bit computers.

Episode 6

February 20, 2012
In this chaotic episode we discuss our favorite video game rumors. Polybius, E.T. cartridges buried in the desert, PS3 slim, Wappy Dog, XBOX360 2 not being able to play used games and many others. We can't promise that this one has any great semblance of structure, but it's a pretty fun listen.

Episode 5

January 15, 2012
In this episode we discuss: THE Nintendo Entertainment System ... and NOTHING ELSE. That's right, an entire episode dedicated to our personal memories, recollections, experiences and only slightly misrepresented historical events related to Nintendo's first, fondly remembered and in some cases finest system!

Episode 4

December 30, 2011
In this episode we discuss and examine some interesting game console controllers from the history books, we delve into a poignant listener question about the fate and possible future of Mega Man Legends 3 and we get some great hands-on time with the Sifteo modular portable game console ... block, thingy. It's really cool.

Episode 3

October 17, 2011
In this episode we interview Joe, John and Sean about the forthcoming Videogame History Museum, we play with Microsoft Kinect, and we answer some DP-community-submitted-questions!