Black Friday Sale! 9AM to 9PM November 25th, 2016

Black Friday is coming and Digital Press Videogames is offering some great deals this year! We will be opening at 9AM & closing at 9PM November 25th.

~20% off all USED items~That’s right, buy any USED items and get 20% off at the register. All those used games you’ve been dreaming about all year that are just a little out of your price range can be yours! applies to all used games, accessories, systems, books, candy, etc, 

~Greatest Wii Deal Ever~Having trouble finding a NES Classic Edition? Why not get a Wii instead at the best price you’ll find. Get a clean, tested and guaranteed system with cables, Wiimote, Nunchuck, and a game of your choice (from a big box ‘o games at the register) for just $29.99.

~10% off all NEW Games~There, we said it. At 10% off, you may find our already competitive prices on new releases to be the lowest prices anywhere on Black Friday. This applies to games only, not systems or accessories. 

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