Mario kart 8 Tournament, July 22nd

Friday Night Fisticuffs is our monthly tournament we hold every Friday mid-way through the month, where we have a competition, games set up to play, and most importantly CASH PRIZES!

At our last tournament…
-We had a Super Smash bros for WiiU tournament with a great turn-out.
-This tournament also hosted the ever popular Amiibo Tournament & Gio V.’s Gannondorf Amiibo “Tweedle-Dee” won & Gio V. earned himself a gift certificate for $12.99.
-As for the regular tournament “Pawclaw” won third, “Hippo Knight” won second, & “Dugan” won first & all 3 took home cash prizes.
-The champion “Dugan” was later challenged by the Amiibo champion “Tweedle-Dee” & won making him our first human Grand Smash Champion.

See it all in our photo gallery section at the store's website and feel free to comment!

At this month’s tournament: It’s time for another Mario Kart 8 tournament. We’ve had a lot of people requesting we hold another Mario Kart 8 Tournament & we figured it’s about time for another. There will be a $5 entry fee for this tournament. Registration must be done the day of the tournament after 5PM but before 7PM when the tournament will begin. Controllers will be supplied but we do recommend attendees bring their own if they have a preferred controller. We will only be able to supply Wii remotes & Pro Controllers. Pro Controllers will be limited.

Where: Digital Press Videogames, 387 Piaget Ave (Rt 46E), Clifton, NJ 07011
When: Friday July 22th
Registration: Tournament entry fee is $5 and registration must be done the day of after 5PM & before 7PM when the tournament will begin.
Tournament Prizes: The top three players will receive cash prizes based on the amount of entries and a spot on our Wall of Fame!

Rules for the Mario Kart 8 Tournament:
-Registration will begin at 4PM July 17th and the tournament will begin at 6PM. There will be no pre-registration on any day before the day of the tournament, July 17th.
-There will be a $5 entry fee.
-Top three winners will receive cash prizes based on the amount of entries.
-64 player entry limit
-150 CC
-4 vs 4 matches
-1st and 2nd place of each match move on to the next round.
-Single Elimination
-Random Tracks
-No items
-All characters, including DLC ones will be available. The Mii character is allowed but we cannot allow every player who wishes to play as the Mii character to upload their own personal Mii to the tournament WiiUs or use their Amiibos to customize the Mii's costume.
-All accessories will be unlocked except for gold ones, to the best of our ability.
-All Mario Kart 8 compatible controllers are allowed except the WiiU Gamepad.
-You may bring your own controller aside from the previously mentioned banned ones; they must be inspected by a judge before the match begins. All controllers with any sort of hardware assisted mechanism such as rapid fire or input entry are banned.
-Controllers will be made available but certain ones will be limited, so if you have a controller of choice it is recommended you bring your own. We will have a limited amount of WiiU Pro Controllers and Wii Classic Controllers; we do have enough Wii Remotes and Nun-chucks to go around though.
-Accidentally pausing the game at any time during the race may force you to forfeit the round, based on judge’s discretion.

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