Super Smash Bros. for WiiU Tournament, September 18th

Friday Night Fisticuffs is our monthly tournament we hold every Friday mid-way through the month, where we have a competition, games set up to play, and most importantly CASH PRIZES!

At our last tournament…

-We held an Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament. The turn-out was bigger than our Mario Kart 8 tournament but still dwarfed in size to our Super Smash Bros. for WiiU tournament.
-The tournament began at 7PM and ended around 10PM
-The top 3 players won themselves some cash prizes!

See it all in our photo gallery section at the store's website and feel free to comment!

At this month’s tournament: Were going back to Smash! Our most requested game for tournaments is coming back for another go; this month were playing Super Smash Bros. for WiiU! This time around though we want your help! Our last Super Smash Bros. for WiiU tournament was a bit unorganized with the rule set so we want you all to help decide what rules we should go by. Right now we plan to start sign-ups at 5PM and have the tournament start at 7PM. Below we will go into detail on what rules we are planning to use but feel free to give us your input via a comment on this Facebook event page.
Our biggest concern is time. Our last tournament went until 3AM and we apologize for that, we would prefer if the tournament didn’t go that late ever again. We only have 2 WiiU systems available with all the DLC for Super Smash Bros. for WiiU and this is where you can help again. Many people wanted to know if we wanted to use their WiiU in the tournament to speed things along and this time were saying yes, we would. If you have a WiiU with all the characters and maps unlocked and all the DLC downloaded (at least the character DLC) we would appreciate the help if your brought it for the tournament. If you let us know your bringing a WiiU system to the tournament ahead of time it will guarantee you a spot in the tournament! So even if you show up at 6PM and the bracket is full fear not selfless do-gooder your act of kindness has guaranteed you a spot on the list of contestants! Please comment here on this Facebook page if you would like to inquire about how to go about brining a WiiU system to our tournament and our chief master of events Leonard Agrusti will contact you with how to go about it, or E-mail him directly at

This tournament will also feature the ever popular Amiibo tournament! This time we will feature the Amiibo tournament on a separate console and TV than the general tournament so it will not interfere with the flow of the tournament. Rules for the Amiibo tournament will be listed below.

Where: Digital Press Videogames, 387 Piaget Ave (Rt 46E), Clifton, NJ 07011
When: Friday September 18th 2015; registration starts at 5PM and the main tournament begins at 7PM
Registration: Main Tournament entry fee is $5 and registration must be done the day of, the Amiibo tournament is free but also must be done the day of.

 Rules for the Super Smash Bros. for WiiU Tournament:

-Registration will begin September 18th at 5PM and the Tournament will being at 7PM. There will be no pre-registration on any day before the day of the tournament.
-There will be a $5 entry fee.
-Top three winners will receive cash prizes based on the amount of entries
-All Omega stages will be unlocked as well as all characters, including DLC characters, and all are legal.
-Random Omega Maps
-1 Vs 1
-items off, equipment off
-Random Omega Stages
-No Amiibos in main tournament
-Mii fighters are banned
-Only Gamecube controllers will be made available by Digital Press Videogames, if you prefer another controller for play you’ll have to bring it yourself.
-Gamecube adapters will be available as well.
-You may bring your own controller aside from any banned ones mentioned below; they must be inspected by a judge before the match begins. All controllers with any sort of hardware assisted mechanism such as rapid fire or input entry are banned.
- Banned controllers are: WiiU Gamepad, all incarnations of the Nintendo 3DS, and any controller with programmable input entry, rapid-fire, or other hardware assisted mechanism, all other controllers are allowed.
-Accidently pausing the game at any time during the fight may force you to forfeit the match, based on judge’s discretion.

Above are the rules for the main event that we don’t have any issues with; below are the ones we really want your input on:
-Double elimination or single elimination: we realize that EVO and other major tournaments do a double elimination tournament, but our main concern is time. If you all feel a single elimination is alright it cuts time in half, but for double elimination we really will need those extra WiiU systems from you the participants to make it possible.
-2 stock 6 minute time limit: This is what EVO used for the last tournament and what we want to use for this one, if you all agree we will do so but this is another way we could cut time is if we cut the time limit down, but I understand this causes most matches to time out.
-Best 2 out of 3 matches: This is also how EVO does their tournaments and how we wish to as well, but is also another way to cut time in half to speed up time. If you all would like to best out of 1 match we can do that and it would save a lot of time but if you want to do best 2 out of 3 than once again we really need those extra consoles.
-Names & custom move set: We know a lot of you want this and if enough people bring WiiU systems to help speed things up we will allow it. 
These are the rules we are concerned with and want your input on. As you can see the main point in question is time, and those of you who attended the previous Super Smash Bros. for WiiU tournament understand just how long it went on and all we want is to make things go faster for everyone involved.
We have enough controllers, gamecube adapters, and copies of Super Smash Bros. for WiiU to do up to 10 more set-ups for the tournament, but what we really need is more WiiU systems with the DLC and characters unlocked.

Amiibo Tournament Rules:
-Amiibo Tournament is free to enter
-Amiibos can be entered any time between 5PM and the start of the actual Amiibo Tournament, which will be at 8PM unless there is some sort of delay.
-Amiibos must be entered at the counter to a staff member, who will take your name and your Amiibo and put them safe inside one of our glass display cases prior to the Amiibo tournament.
-Random Stages
-Items on
-2 stock, 5 minute time limit.
-All Amiibos compatible with Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU are allowed despite level, equipment, ect.

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