NAVA Gamer's Gathering, June 27th: "Underground"

NAVA = North Atlantic Videogame Aficionados. This is a FREE event bringing gamers together for competition, trading, and chatter.
Previously at NAVA...
- In our last episode, we brought back Starcade; TV’s first video arcade game show!
- In our Starcade Gameshow, Team Pompton won first place and NAVA goers J.T. and Brandon won their very own video arcade trophies.
- The arcade challenge was Time Pilot and Christian won with 131,100 points, and walked away with a $20 gift certificate for his prize.
- Games and systems traded hands between attendees who brought their own trade boxes.
See it all in our photo gallery section at the store's website and feel free to comment!
This Month's NAVA: Get your spelunking gear on and your bike pump ready because we’re taking this NAVA underground. It’s an entire NAVA themed around games that take place underground, and yes there are quite a few actually. We will join Taizo Hori in his underground expedition to fend off Fygars and Pookas in Dig Dug. Then we will join his son Susumu Hori, the highest ranked Driller in the world, as he burrows deep underground; that’s why they call him Mr. Driller. If anything happens to us on our underground expedition Roderick Hero, the one man rescue team, is on call to retrieve us with his laser goggles and his dynamite.
Arcade challenge! One of the most infamous games to ever take place underground is one of Namco’s first classics; Dig Dug. Guide Taizo Hori underground to exterminate those pesky Pookas and fire breathing Fygars. Use Taizo’s bike pump to inflate those pesky pests until they explode. If inflation just isn’t your thing try to crush them with boulders for extra points, but watch out and make sure you don’t get crushed as well. After dropping a couple of boulder’s Taizo might uncover a snack in the depths for even more points. Be the best at the game on this one day by logging the highest score on our arcade cabinet by 9pm and win a nifty $20 gift certificate and possibly get your name added to the "House Champion" tournament plaque on the Wall of Fame just above the arcade section of the store. Arcade challenge games are set to FREE PLAY all day, but please remember to let everyone get a shot. If you get the high score, move on, and no hogging the cabinet!  Also if you have won last month’s NAVA arcade challenge you are no eligible to win this month’s challenge.
Tournament! Since our arcade challenge this month is Dig Dug, we thought it would only be fitting if our tournament this month starred his son Susumu Hori, or as he is more commonly referred to; Mr. Driller. The tournament will be the GameCube game Mr. Driller: Drill Land. We will be playing the race to level 500 multiplayer mode in this game and it will be a 4 v 4 match and who ever reaches level 500 first moves onto the next round. Sign-ups begin at 3pm, the tournament starts around 6pm and its first-come, first-served in this FREE-to-join tournament.

Remember to get your trade boxes in order so we can all buy, sell and trade together. Wear your NAVA or Digital Press t-shirt for the maximum discount on store purchases. Also, bring your Nintendo 3DS to share street passes... it's NAVA time!
RSVP (optional):
When: Saturday, June 27th, 3pm to midnight.
Where: Digital Press Videogames:
What happens: Gaming, trading, tournaments, big prizes! Extra game stations are set up around the store. Attendance is FREE. Half price for kids!

What can I bring?: It's nice to share. Snacks, soda and beer are always appreciated. Cakes have been very popular as well.

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