NAVA Gamer's Gathering, February 28th: "Oddly Weird"

NAVA = North Atlantic Videogame Aficionados. This is a FREE event bringing gamers together for competition, trading, and chatter.

Previously at NAVA...
- In our last episode, we started off 2015 with a boom, with a NAVA busting at the seams with over the top explosions.
- NAVA attendee J.T. blew away the completion in our Bomberman: Party Edition tournament.
- The arcade challenge was Truxton and Aristotle got the high score of 211,230 and walked away with a $20 gift certificate for his prize.
- Games and systems traded hands between attendees who brought their own trade boxes.

See it all in our photo gallery section at the store's website and feel free to comment!

This Month's NAVA: It’s going to get a little weird; we’re highlighting all those strange and unusual games out there. Kooky games such as Katamari Damacy, where you roll up random objects and innocent bystanders to replace all stars in sky after your father has broken them all. Odd games like Deadly Duck, a game where you play as a duck with a gun barrel for a bill and you shoot up at flying crabs that are hurling bricks at you while dragonflies are dropping bombs as well. Bizarre games as in Attack of the Mutant Penguins, which is a game where evil aliens from the galaxy Bleurggh are disguising themselves as penguins in order to invade Earth.

Arcade challenge! One of the weirdest games out there is a parody of Gradius made by Konami themselves which is fittingly named Parodius. This NAVA’s arcade challenge will be the Japanese classic Gokujo Parodius – Kako no Eiko o Motomete, which roughly translates to Fantastic Parodius – Pursue the Glory of the Past. A bizarre game where you can play as the Vic Viper from Gradius, an octopus, a flying pig, or a stick figure riding a paper airplane. Be the best at the game on this one day by logging the highest score on our arcade cabinet by 9pm and win a nifty $20 gift certificate and possibly get your name added to the "House Champion" tournament plaque on the Wall of Fame just above the arcade section of the store. Arcade challenge games are set to FREE PLAY all day, but please remember to let everyone get a shot. If you get the high score, move on, and no hogging the cabinet! 

Tournament! Ever wonder who’d win in a fight between Optimus Prime and Bomberman? Well in this NAVA’s tournament you can finally find out in DreamMix TV World Fighters for the GameCube. This fighting game has one of the oddest arrangements of characters to choose from such as: Solid Snake from Metal Gear, Master Higgins from Adventure Island, Simon Belmont from Castlevania, and Moai the Easter Island head from Gradius. The game plays very much like Super Smash Bros. Melee’s Coin Battle mode where as you beat up your opponent they drop coins which you need to collect, except in this game you can run out of coins. Sign-ups begin at 3pm, the tournament starts around 6pm and it's first-come, first-served in this FREE-to-join tournament.

Remember to get your trade boxes in order so we can all buy, sell and trade together. Wear your NAVA or Digital Press t-shirt for the maximum discount on store purchases. Also, bring your Nintendo 3DS to share street passes... it's NAVA time!

RSVP (optional):
When: Saturday, February 28th, 3pm to midnight.
Where: Digital Press Videogames:
What happens: Gaming, trading, tournaments, big prizes! Extra game stations are set up around the store. Attendance is FREE. Half price for kids!
What can I bring?: It's nice to share. Snacks, soda and beer are always appreciated. Cakes have been very popular as well.

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