NAVA Gamer's Gathering, August 25th: "Video Obscura"

NAVA = North Atlantic Videogame Aficionados. This is a FREE event bringing gamers together for competition, trading, and chatter.

Previously at NAVA...

- In July, we entered the THIRD DIMENSION, busted out our Master System and Vectrex 3D glasses and enjoyed some state-of-the-art PS3 games that seemed to be COMING RIGHT AT YOU.
- The arcade challenge was Subroc 3D. Chris A had a high score broken just before the 8pm deadline. Who was it?
- Even the cupcakes were in 3D! 
- Games and systems traded hands between attendees who brought their own trade boxes.

See it all in our our new photo gallery section on the store's website and feel free to comment!

This month! After dusting off a whole lot of old boxes while preparing for CGE earlier this month, I unearthed a few game systems that never get any play around here. So for THIS NAVA, there will be three game systems debuting for the very first time: The FM Towns Marty, The NEC PC-FX, and the Fairchild Channel F! Play a game you've never played before on a system you may have never even SEEN before.

Arcade challenge! I've found an arcade game that you may have never played, too. It's called "Ben Bero Beh", a fun little platformer designed by Taito and released in 1984. It's all about putting out fires and saving the girl. Be the best at the game on this one day by logging the highest score on our arcade cabinet by 8pm and win a nifty $20 gift certificate and possibly get your name added to the "House Champion" tournament plaque on the Wall of Fame just above the arcade section of the store. Arcade challenge games are set to FREE PLAY all day. Get your practicing in now!

Tournament! Come 6pm we will hunker down for a competitve battle on the Fujitsu FM Towns Marty, in a little shoot'em-up called Tatsujin OH. This game is a sequel to what most westerners may remember as Truxton, which appeared on the Sega Genesis. There are nicer sprites, music and explosion effects in this version of the game and if all of the dainty hardware and software cooperates, we'll go head-to-head until there is just one survivor. Sign-ups begin at 3pm and it's first-come, first-served in this free-to-join tournament.

Remember to get your trade boxes in order and wear your NAVA t-shirt (or get one) for the maximum discount on store purchases... it's NAVA time!

RSVP (optional):!/digitpress?sk=events
When: Saturday, August 25th, 3pm to midnight.
Where: Digital Press Videogames:
What happens: Gaming, trading, tournaments, big prizes! Extra game stations are set up around the store. Attendance is FREE. Half price for kids!
What can I bring?: It's nice to share. Snacks, soda and beer are always appreciated. Cakes have been very popular as well.

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