NAVA Gamer's Gathering, March 31st: "NABA"

NAVA = North Atlantic Videogame Aficionados. This is a FREE event bringing gamers together for competition, trading, and chatter.

Previously at NAVA...

- In February's "Misery Loves Company", we put a 3DO, CD-i and TRS-80 CoCo out for display with some of the worst games we could find. Everyone seemed to dig it.
- The arcade challenge was the impossible "Logger", a terrible Donkey Kong clone. Cristian unlearned everything he had ever known about gaming to re-learn "Logger", and won the day's challenge.
- Adam Harvey brought along some great show and tell art pieces.
- Attendees took turns in completing the complete mess that is "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties".
- Games and systems traded hands between attendees who brought their own trade boxes.

Pictures tell it best! CLICK TO SEE!

This month: You all managed a whole NAVA of BAD GAMES, so we're going to push you one step further... can you manage a whole NAVA of BOARD GAMES? Most of NAVA will be held on March 31st, but some of it will be held after midnight on April Fools Day. To commemorate both, we're busting out our tables and setting up some board games. Ever play the non-electronic version of Catan? Experience the "who knows what's gonna happen" joy of "Betrayal At House On The Hill"? Ever seen the rare classic 1981 electro-board game "Dark Tower"? We'll have all of these on hand. This is our very first unplugged NAVA. Let's just call it NABA! (North Atlantic Boardgame Aficionados)

Arcade challenge! Despite the unplugged theme of the day, we'll still have the arcade games and internet gaming center open for the day. For the arcade challenge we'll throw the quasi-boardgame "Professor Pac-Man" at you. Be the best at the game on this one day by logging the highest score on our arcade cabinet by 8pm and win a nifty $20 gift certificate as well as have your name added to the "House Champion" tournament plaque on the Wall of Fame just above the arcade section of the store. Arcade challenge games are set to FREE PLAY all day. Get your practicing in now!

Remember to get your trade boxes in order and wear your NAVA t-shirt (or get one) for the maximum discount on store purchases... it's NAVA time!

RSVP (optional):!/digitpress?sk=events
When: Saturday, March 31st, 3pm to midnight.
Where: Digital Press Videogames:
What happens: Gaming, trading, tournaments, big prizes! Extra game stations are set up around the store. Attendance is FREE. Half price for kids!
What can I bring?: It's nice to share. Snacks, soda and beer are always appreciated. Cakes have been very popular as well.



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Ideawldeara May 3, 2012 - 1:23am

Today is documentation weather, isn't it?

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Enterosot May 4, 2012 - 3:39pm

What broad daylight isn't today?

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